An Intro To Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

It is a practice where the main objective is to assist individuals in creating environments that support and nurture their needs, desires and overall well-being. When the energy (ch'i) and design of a space feels just right, flows correctly, and is in proper balance, it improves the quality of life.

Nine Feng Shui Principles

  1. Power position

  2. Explore the “predecessor” law

  3. Strive for balance

  4. Trust your intuition

  5. Reduce clutter

  6. Like attracts like

  7. Raise the percentages

  8. Use the nine basic cures

  9. House maintenance

The Power Position

Focus on the placement of important household objects as these items should “hold” the power positions in your home. Typically, these objects are your bed, sofa and stove/cooktop. For all of these objects, the positioning must be relative to the main entranceway, and have the largest view of the room/space without being directly in line with the door.

Exploring the “Predecessor” Law

This is a fancy way of saying know who owned your home before it came into your possession. Check to see if the occupants moved because of a promotion or upgrade versus if they left due to a setback, such as divorce, loss of job or illness. This may factor into what steps to take to “cure” or “strengthen” your home.

Strive for Balance

Striving for balance in your home is defined by bringing the concepts of nature into your space. This can mean incorporating the 5 elements into your home (metal, fire, earth, wood, water) or playing with interior lighting to replicate the rising/setting of the sun or finding the yin-yang in your space.

Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition will fine-tune all of your Feng Shui adjustments regarding everything from bed placement to color choices. That being said, remember that sometimes altering something in your home or space may feel different initially than it does over some time; give adjustments a time to settle.

Reduce Clutter

The main issue with clutter is that it blocks and distorts the movement of ch'i. While it is reasonable to store or keep mementos that are nostalgic or emotionally important to us, ask yourself if these items are preventing you from moving forward energetically in your life. A common “rule” is, if you have not used or looked at something in the last 365 days, remove it from your home.

Like Attracts Like

Simply put, make sure your environment reflects what you want to pull into your life.

Raising the Percentages

Identify the section of the Bagua (the Feng Shui map) that is either missing or that you want to emphasize and strengthen that Gua (section) in the overall floor plan of your home AND in each individual room.

Use the Nine Basic Cures

  1. Light

  2. Mirrors$

  3. Sound

  4. Life Force (plants, flowers, pets)

  5. Heavy Objects

  6. Color

  7. Movement

  8. Energy Objects (crystals, gemstones, coins, talisman)

  9. Water

Household Maintenance

Your home is sacred so maintain your home as you would maintain your health and your body.

This blog compiled from sections of "Feng Shui: Harmony by Design" by Nancy SantoPietro


Adam Roper