About the Company

Established in 2018, York and Rose Interiors integrates current trends with clients' personal styles, traditional Feng Shui principles with contemporary aesthetics, and pre-loved materials into new designs. We collaborate with clients in order to create spaces that are personal and geared towards the clients' growth, comfort, and style; a home or work space should not only tell the story of who the client is, but who that client is becoming as well. With an awareness of clients' varying investment levels, York and Rose creates holistic interiors that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

Overview of Services


Development of Color Scheme/Style/Design Concept

Preparation of Floor Plans & Furniture Arrangement

Selection of Furnishings, Lighting & Accessories

Feng Shui Consultation

One-Day Redesigns

Home Staging

Our Design Process

Pre-Interview: First, you will fill out a brief questionnaire so that we can become better acquainted with the scope of your project and your own personal style.

Interview: We will meet in-person or speak over the phone to further discuss the space, intention and goals for the project. This will include timeline and budget for the work.  If you live outside of Oregon, it will be very helpful for you will provide photos of the space if the interview is done remotely along with a detailed list of any furniture or finishes that will be remaining in the room, home or office. You are more than encouraged to send photos of inspirational designs so that we may get a better sense of
what you want and need! The interview usually will take about one-hour.

Design Concept Board: York and Rose Interiors will create a concept board which will be based on our first interview. The intention is to transform our initial conversation into a visual manifestation of your design goals for the space. You will let us know what does or does not work from the board and we will use that information to create a
final board and itemized list of products. The concept board will either be presented in-person or sent via email, depending on your location.

Final Presentation: The final presentation will include the preparation of floor plans and furniture arrangement along with the selection of furnishings, lighting, finishes
and accessories for the space. It will be presented to you both visually and as a schedule of the chosen products including where to purchase and/or what craftsmen
to contact to complete installation or construction of goods.

Procuring Goods: Should we decide upon custom pieces for the design or choose trade-only products, York and Rose Interiors will work with the vendors or artisans to make sure the product is completed and delivered within the discussed time.

York and Rose Interiors supports local businesses and loves to specify reused or reclaimed product in its design. We will always suggest furniture and accessories that are available close to home and materials that are sustainable and eco-conscious.