Mirror DOS and DONTS

Mirrors can activate energy (ch'i) while also bringing light and openness to your space.  Here is a short list of DOs and DONTs when hanging a mirror in your home.


1.  Use mirrors in which you can see yourself in one piece as this gives you a sense of completeness whenever you see yourself.  Tiled mirrors, for example, will cause you to feel “broken up” into pieces over time.

2. Make sure the mirror is reflecting something beautiful, like a well-designed room or a view of the outdoors.  This way you "double" a pleasant scene.

3. Use mirrors where they will add light and/or movement to a space that otherwise may seem dark or stagnant.

4. Hang a mirror near your entrance so you can see yourself as you enter and leave a space.  Make sure the mirror is not directly across from the door; no one wants to be startled by their reflection as he enters.

5. Place a mirror in a part of you home that feels "missing".  This will expand the space and replace that missing piece.


1. Resist hanging a mirror in your bedroom as it activates energy and a bedroom is made for rest and relaxation.  

2. Avoid antiqued or distorted mirrors as they will distort the images reflected in them.

3. Mirrors hung too high or too low will make the person looking in that mirror feel "cut off".  Make sure you can see your head and shoulders in all mirrors in your home.

Adam Roper