Easy Feng Shui Cure for Wealth and Health

Feng Shui is the ancient art of using arrangement and placement of a variety of items in your home in order to improve your life.  Life energy, known as chi, is the basic force that animates all living things.  The flow of chi in your space will become stronger when you apply Feng Shui principles to your life.

If this sounds a bit hippy-dippy, don't worry.  Many Feng Shui cures and enhancements make a lot of logical sense.  Here's one: keeping your toilet cover down when the toilet is not in use.  From a symbolic perspective, having an open toilet and/or drain means all wealth and health will go down that drain, flushing away your money and your vitality.  From a design standpoint, the inside of a toilet is less that pleasing aesthetically and no one comes to someone's home and compliments them on their toilet bowl.  

So whether you want to enhance your finances or you just want to make your home look better, keep that toilet cover down (and the bathroom door closed or close to closed)!

Adam RoperComment