Holiday Feng Shui Shopping List!

It you are like me, the idea of buying gifts for the holidays can be overwhelming. I prefer to give gifts that speak to me about the person I am purchasing for. At the very least, I like to give presents that I have put time and effort into choosing. In the past, I have gifted friends and loved ones items from the following Feng Shui list. These are based off of the 9 Basic Cures used to enhance your space. For each cure listed, there is an Amazon link to purchase this item along with a quick description of how to use it.

Should you need more assistance or information, email me at adam@yorkandroseinteriors to set up a consultation.

  1. Light: This refers to having proper lighting in your space in order to complete tasks. Feng Shui is about bringing the outside inside, so it is best to have a lamp (hard-wired or otherwise) that can dim. Here is a link to an inexpensive table lamp that has a soft linen shade and has an organic look!

  2. Mirrors: As stated in my blog about mirrors, a reflective surface can enhance a space by “doubling” the good energy and items in the room. They can also deflect the negative energy flowing into a space. This link is for a small, convex mirror that reflects back the negative feng shui energy pointing at your home, be it the front door or any windows.

  3. Sound: This can be anything that your find pleasant to listen to, from music to nature sounds. White noise machines can help with more restful sleep and can enhanced connectivity in between brain regions associated with modulating dopamine and attention. The researchers found this enhanced connectivity in those participants with improved memory! Click here!

  4. Life Force: This refers to living things like pets or plants. They bring active energy into the home. Just make sure they are well taken care of, healthy and happy! Check out some of these gorgeous, modern pots for your patio!

  5. Heavy Objects: This can refer to anything that makes a space feel grounded. If you crave stability, placing heavy objects -- or symbolically heavy objects -- in various segments of the Bagua can help! Here is a link to a rock garden, that is a symbol of something “weighty” and grounding.  

  6. Color: This refers to the natural elements of fire, earth, metal, metal and wood. Each are distinguished by a characteristic shape, color, texture and set of attributes. Want to know more? This link will bring you to a book entitled “Decorating with the Five Elements of Feng Shui".

  7. Movement: Since Feng Shui focuses on the passing of energy (ch’i) in any space, either literally or symbolically, it is beneficial to have items in your home or yard that moves. For example, this double-wind spiral.

  8. Energy Objects: This can be crystals, gemstones, coins, or talisman. Crystals are widely used for the specific energy, full-spectrum lighting and the vibrations they bring to your home or office.

  9. Water: Particularly when in motion, water attracts Chi. To enhance health and prosperity, it's important to keep this Chi energy flowing. A fountain is the perfect way to bring more life force energy into your living and working space.

Adam Roper